Inflatable Simple Trainer Waterskis

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Obrien Inflatable Simple Trainer – It’s soft, and cushy, and just plain friendly looking.

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It’s soft, and cushy, and just plain friendly looking.

There are few joys in life that rival teaching your kids to ski. The inflatable trainer will get your child started the easy way in the sport you already love. It’s soft and cushy, and just plain friendly-looking. Additionally, the inflated seat gives your child a comfy perch to stand up from. The cozy stirrups are on an inflated floor that absorbs the wakes. It comes complete with two ropes, one for the child and one for an adult to hold onto from the boat. This trainer will plane off with virtually any movement (even pulling while running along the beach) and the max speed is a very rider-friendly 8 mph. Check out these easy steps to get started and when you’re done using it, just let the air out and put it away.

The Simple Trainer makes teaching the kids to ski nearly automatic. Simple! Looking for the next step up from this? Check out the Hotshot Trainer Waterskis

Obrien Inflatable Simple Trainer

O’Brien, we know you cherish any time that you get to spend on the water. Helping you get the absolute most pleasure from that time is our mission. For over 50 years, O’Brien has been creating products specifically for the ultimate family fun on the water. We work hard to design, test, manufacture and improve every product we make so your water time will make memories that last a lifetime. We believe in pushing the sport forward, providing the newest technology and the latest manufacturing techniques to build the most advanced watersports products on earth. We understand that what we do behind the scenes at O’Brien has a tremendous impact on your fun on the water, and we take our commitment to maximizing your enjoyment very seriously. We also strive to bring more participants into the world of watersports by making great products at surprisingly affordable prices. Across our line, we strive to offer the quality, performance, and value for which the O’Brien name has been famous for more than 50 years. We are proud to present a line of products that we believe is our best yet, so you, your friends and your family can enjoy every second of your time on the waters of the world!

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1 review for Inflatable Simple Trainer Waterskis

  1. Sam

    Absolute hit with our child! Highly recommend! Gives them so much confidence out on the water being able to sit down and stand up

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O’Brien Inflatable Simple TrainerInflatable Simple Trainer Waterskis

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