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Check out Flex Lite Ultra Neoprene! It meets Australian Standards L50S (Pink), L50 (Yellow), L50 and features a 2 buckle design for easy access. It also offers extra security with its safety strap and maximum comfort with its neoprene safety pillow. Not to mention, it has the highest quality PVC foam for durability and a comfortable wide neoprene padded safety strap under crotch for extra comfort and support.

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Do Infants have to wear a life jacket?

If you ask us, yes definitely!

This Jetpilot baby life jacket has been specifically designed with the child’s safety in mind and incorporating a wide crotch strap, halo style collar and a handle/ grip to provide a quick and safe method of retrieving your baby out of the water.

Remember a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) or life vest is an essential when participating in water-based activities, even your infant. So whether you are on a personal watercraft, boat, kayak, wakeboarding, wake surfing or water skiing it is highly recommended you and your family have a suitable life vest.

All PFD’s found on have been rigorously tested and is certified to Australian Standards AS4758.

Product Description.

  • Flex Lite Ultra Neoprene
  • Australian Standards – L50S (Pink) L50 (Yellow L50 and Red L50)
  • 2 Buckle Design
  • Flex Lite Ultra Neoprene
  • Safety Strap
  • Neoprene Safety Pillow
  • Highest Quality PVC Foam
  • Comfortable Wide Neoprene Padded Safety Strap Under Crotch Strap To Prevent The Vest From Riding Up



Jetpilot was born in 1986 when it made a name for itself by creating the most technically advanced wetsuits, vests and apparel for the sport of personal watercraft racing.

The inspiration came from 4 Californians with a strong passion for Moto X and Watercraft. As Scott, Jeff, Eric and Phil got heavily into Watercraft they saw that no one was focusing on Rider apparel in this growing sport. Their MX background gave them the vision and design concepts that changed the industry to what we are today. The Jetpilot brand name was chosen from the guys from their experience of racing Moto X at a Pro level in America and Europe. They were called Moto pilots if you rode Moto X bikes in Europe. They didn’t want to call the brand Jet Ski Pilot racing apparel as Jet Ski was a Kawasaki trademark name for their watercraft products, so the brand Jetpilot was the title of the new direction in watersports gear.

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